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Cousins Who Disney was created by real life cousins Misti and Tammy. After years of non-stop Disney and overall geek talk the duo decided it was time to share their Disney and pop culture love with the world, thus cousinswhodisney.com was born.

Meet the Cousins

Misti: After 10+ years in the fashion and beauty blogging business , Misti is stretching her wings with a blog all about her love of Disney and just all the geeky stuff.

  • Favorite Disney Movie? It’s a tie between Beauty and the Beast and The Emperors New Groove.
  • Favorite Disney Park? I’ve gotta go with the the park that started it all, Disneyland.
  • Favorite Fab Fave Character? Minnie Mouse all the way. Don’t be wrong, I love Mickey but Minnie sets my fashionista heart a flutter.








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