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Disney DIY ~ Dole Whip Cakes

Ah the Dole Whip! A Disney classic and Tammy’s FAVORITE Disney snack. It’s light, creamy, refreshing and just what you need on after a few hours (or minutes) in the park. So in tribute to this tasty little treat we decided to turn the Dole Whip into a cake.

Now the main issue we ran into is we both detest most pineapple cake recipes as they usually call for crushed or chunks of pineapple. So we really had to sit and think about how to make a pineapple cake that would please both of us and you know, everyone else.

Cousins Who Disney Dole Whip Cakes

We started with a classic yellow cake recipe from the Whimsical Bakehouse cookbook to give us that color of pineapple soft serve. Now to get that classic swirl we used the new swirl cake pan from Rosanna Pansino’s Wilton line. Fill each swirl about 2/3 of the way full to ensure they have enough room to rise while baking. Pop them in the oven and wait for the delicious cake magic to happen.

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To add in the pineapple flavor poke the cakes a few times with a toothpicks (or something similar) and pour fresh Dole pineapple juice over each cake. Then let the cakes cool for around 15-20 minutes before removing from the tins.

Cousins Who Disney Dole Whip Cakes

To serve the delicious cakes, we pulled out the rarely used grill pan and grilled up slices of pineapple. If you’ve never tried grilled pineapple, we highly recommend it. The natural sugars in the fruit caramelize nicely, and they added a nice flavor to the cakes. After grilling both sides of each pineapple slice, we placed a cake on top. Then, to really give that Dole Whip look, we topped with whipped cream.

Cousins Who Disney Dole Whip Cakes

Cousins Who Disney Dole Whip Cakes

These were such a fun treat that put new spin on such a classic Disney treat. There was just enough pineapple taste to be slightly sweet and refreshing without being overwhelming.


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