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Maleficent 2018 l Mickey’s Halloween Party

Maleficent has long been my favorite Disney villain, I am also 100% Descendants trash. So going into Mickey’s Halloween Party 2018, I knew I wanted to do some mash-up of Maleficent and Mal.

Maleficent l Mickey's Halloween Party 2018

Thus MAL-EFICENT was born.

In my head this was look was kinda a what would happen if Mal was a bit more emo/punk but also inherited Maleficent’s horns. She is half Fae after all. Plus I already had the purple hair!

Maleficent l Mickey's Halloween Party 2018

With a semi-sold idea in my head, I started putting all the pieces together. First up was getting the horns, you’d be shocked how hard it to find a good pair of Maleficent horns. Thankfully Etsy is exists for just these reasons. I found the shop MouseKoutureEars  and they had the PERFECT pair of horns.

Maleficent l Mickey's Halloween Party 2018

Next up came my outfit and not gonna lie, I is where I had the hardest time. I had a look in my head and I just couldn’t seem to find something to match that. I came close with a black mesh panel body con dress and a tulle skirt thing. To edge up the look, I found a pair of Bat/Dragon Wing combat boots. I lucked out by finding the purple glasses at the hotel corner store.

Maleficent l Mickey's Halloween Party 2018

Overall I loved how this look came out. I did have a few more accessories ordered that sadly didn’t arrive before I had to leave for Anaheim but they weren’t make or break items. Plus the spooky Rivers of America just added to the overall look.

The question is…what will I be next year??



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