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Mani Monday – Haunted Mansion

Cousins Who Disney - Haunted Mansion Nail Art

It is the anniversary of The Haunted Mansion opening, and oh boy are we excited! Jon and Alexia LOVE The Haunted Mansion ride. Like, serious love. If you’ve seen some of our videos, you might have caught a glimpse of Jon’s special picture. But we’ll talk more about that later this week. For today, it’s all about the mani!

Haunted Mansion Nail Art

Thumb and Ring Finger – apply Finger Paints in Black Expressionism over the entire nail, then cover with Blackheart Beauty in Glow in the Dark.

Index, Middle, and Pinky Fingers – apply Sephora in Voodoo Doll over the entire nail. Using Finger Paints in Black Expressionism and a fine brush, create little monster eye designs on your nails. Use OPI in Alpine Snow to make the eyes on your monsters, then top with Blackheart Beauty in Glow in the Dark for a spooky look. Top with a dot of black in the center of the eyes.

Alexia topped it all with a matte top coat for this look.

Enjoy this spooky Haunted Mansion look, and tell us your favorite part of the ride!


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