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Mani Monday – Villains Week

We gave Alexia the challenge of picking a Disney villain for her mani this week, and her favorite villain is Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. Alexia feels that the most recognizable thing about Yzma is her blue earrings, and the fact that she wears purple. So that’s what she focused on for her mani this week.

Alexia started with a base of purple polish on all her nails. She then covered all except her ring fingers with a purple/blue/pink glitter coat of polish. For her ring fingers, she covered 3D studs with a coat of blue polish and applied two to each nail to mimic Yzma’s earrings. The 3D studs were applied with clear nail polish.

Alexia’s choices:

Purple – Sephora Voodoo Doll

Glitter – Blackheart Beauty Blue Purple Stargazer

Blue – Orly Skinny Dip

(Our video includes Maleficent and Ursula as a nod to the other two Disney Villains who are known for their purple.)

Enjoy the video! And tell us who your favorite villain is!


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