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Peter Pan Nail Art #ManiMonday


“All it takes is faith and trust.”

And just a little bit of pixie dust! Today is the 65th anniversary of Disney’s Peter Pan. So we are celebrating with a Peter Pan inspired nail look.

Here’s how Alexia did it:


  • To give the idea of Peter’s hat, lay down a deep green on all your fingers. Alexia used Sally Hansen – Electric Emerald.
  • Then use a fine nail brush and a shade of red to pop in a bright feather. Alexia went with the classic of Revlon – Revlon Red
  • Using a Sally Hansen black nail art pen to make little bend marks at the side of her nails, to give the hat a little crease movement.


  • Place a base color down representing the night sky. Alexia’s pick for this was H&M – Intergalactic
  • Again using your nail art brush, add two white stars, one slightly higher and to the side. After all, it is the second star to the right!


Are you doing anything to celebrate that boy who “won’t grow up”?


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