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Spring 2018 Dapper Day at Walt Disney World

Happy Dapper Day Everyone!

This past weekend I took a little day trip, literally, to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for my first ever Dapper Day. I had a blast and tried to film as much of the experience/day for our first every Disney Vlog.

My DisneyBound for the day was of course Captain America in honor of Avengers: Infinity War.

I saw so many AMAZING Dapper looks, both Disney and non-DisneyBounds, throughout the day, it was wonderful seeing so many people participating in the fun. I even found a Bucky/Winter Soldier to go with my Cap.

Misti Michelle Captain America Dapper Day

Overall I had a great time and wished I could’ve stayed longer. I fully intend to do Dapper Day again, however next time I am TOTALLY staying at least overnight so I have not just more park time but also to allow for more prep time.

Plus I would’ve loved to go to not just the second Dapper Day outing at Epcot but also the pre-outing at The Edison at Disney Springs the night before.

If you’ve been to Dapper Day before or ever plan to go, let us know in the comments below.



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